June 25, 2022

Love, your health ally

Natural remedy
To love is a mechanism as primary as eating, drinking or sleeping, so it is the result of a biological mechanism. It has thus been proved that theLove secretes dopamine, the famous "molecule of well-being", as explained by Patricia Delahaie, author of "How to cure the evil oflove", Leduc.S Editions:"We are not immortal, no offense to mythology, but it is true that thelove is energizing, it boosts, it makes you want to get up in the morning. In the face of an illness, a person couple will have more willpower to fight, she will not let herself go. "
It is this feeling of well-being that characterizes the lovers, which protects them from negative waves "the famous cloud of theloveThus perched, or preserved, their instinct of life is stronger and their energy increased tenfold.
Reinforced immune system
American study led by Dr. David McClelland, proves more antibodies in his students' blood after viewing images oflove and solidarity! Positive images in the universal language that bring together the common people. "My first advice after a breakup is to have a good doctor! ", adds Delahaie.
It is true that the lack oflove, in addition to being a source of stress, causes a major repression that leads to depression but also weakened in the face of viral or other diseases. Thelove that we share with our surroundings stimulates the brain and the endocrine system, which acts directly on the organs.
Antistress property
A kiss, a caress, an attention ... and endorphin is stimulated, it's physical. This natural hormone acts as an antidepressant. The brain has many chemical mediators, the neurotransmitters, which, sensitive, react to the feeling of empathy and calm even the suffering. So when you are irritated, and you receive fromlove and of affection, of course the receivers send soothing signals that relieve.
Increased life
Inexorably the wellness, brought by thelove, brings an increase in the service life. According to a 2007 INSEE study, married people live longer than singles, divorced or widowed. Thus, a man of 50 years married lives 5 years more than a widower! "Thelove strengthens the personality, gives an impulse to the instinct of life, brings life projects ... And to accomplish all this, it is necessary to be in good health, a person in love will do more to be of it being taken care of 'she", concluded Patricia Delahaie.
The virtues of sex
Make itlove not war, especially since ....
  • during orgasm the heartbeats go up to 160 / per minute
  • the lymphatic network is purified through waste disposal
  • secretion of serotonin improves sleep
  • we spend up to 500 calories per half hour during the romp
  • the hormones produce collagen that fights against aging skin

Basics of Bossing Up | Ally Love | TEDxBethuneStreetWomen (June 2022)