August 16, 2022

Loved and the sign planet

This fable of Jean-Marie Leu, particularly rich in emotions and full of imagination, tells the story of Aime, a little prince of verbs, who can not express his love to her sweet. Indeed, the times are hard for him and for Little Robert the Fat, because the Goddess MS reigns more beautiful thanks to the invention of the text.
But Aimé will start writing a declaration of love by putting all forms ... and punctuation. This will annoy the Goddess who will do everything to prevent the creation of this poem.
This tale will seduce young and old from 3 years old, especially children from 6-8 years old. In addition, 75% of the royalties and 60% of the production of the show will be donated to the association "The Chain of Hope", which allows to host and operate children Here and there.
Several personalities have agreed to lend their voice to the record of Aimé and the Planet of the Apes: Carla Bruni in the role of "Maud" the book dealer, Jean-Pierre Foucault is the narrator, Stéphane Bern "Aim ?, Mélissa Theuriau" Voyelle "or Yves Lecoq" Petit Pex. "
On stage, we will find a show performed by 9 actors-dancers-singers and 2 musicians. Aimé and the sign planet is directed by Jean-Louis Grinda, director of the Monaco Opera. The performances will take place fromst December to January 6, 2008, but in the meantime, rush to the album, available in bookstores.

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