August 16, 2022

Lovers horoscope 2008

First trimester: In love, this period will certainly be a milestone. You will be relaxed, well in your skin, and this beautiful balance will have a happy impact on your life as a couple. You will want to strengthen the bonds that unite you to your spouse or partner and build, over time, a happiness more and more solid. And circumstances will give you the opportunity. For you, single, the moment could mark the beginning of a great passion - a passion that will turn into lasting love, to the point of making you want to sacrifice your dear freedom. In short, there will be marriage in the air!

Second trimester: With Venus in your love sector, you will be able to live a love at first sight in extremely romantic circumstances. As for those who are already a couple, they may well want to treat themselves to a romantic getaway. In any case, you will multiply the delicate attentions towards your beloved. To consolidate your links if it's still necessary, you can count on this aspect of Jupiter. It is also an ideal aspect to get married or to decide.

Third Quarter: This position of Mercury indicates that you are in a moment of reflection about your love life. By accepting to learn from the past, you will be able to adapt your attitude and your emotional demands so as to be more serene and happy. In addition, Venus, the goddess of love, will help you make the right choices and make the most of your love life. If you live alone, a beautiful meeting is quite possible.

Fourth quarter: Seducing as hell, you will have the charm of winners who nothing and no one can resist. Exactly, your spouse or partner will not want to resist you at all, and your relations will be placed under the sign of pleasure and passion. Those of you who have experienced dissension within your couple will have the opportunity to make a clean sweep of the past and start afresh. If you are single, you will say loud and clear that marriage is not for you. However, the person you meet this time will burn your heart so violently that you could very well change your mind!

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