January 24, 2021

Lovers Horoscope 2008 of the Virgin

First trimester: With the visit of Venus, the goddess of love, your love life should not be sad! All those who are married and whose couple is harmonious will be entitled to an ocean of tenderness and sensuality. If your couple flounders, it will be the moment or never to renew the dialogue. Venus will also be favorable to loners, who will want to seduce and be seduced. For some, its impact will translate into a very enjoyable adventure. Some loners will definitely know a love at first sight.

Second Quarter: Well inspired by Jupiter, you will change your usual behavior to achieve marital harmony. Instead of looking for a fight with your spouse or partner and alternating heated arguments and reconciliations, to spice up your life together, you will encourage dialogue and complicity. And that will succeed you very well! Single, be very careful, do not get carried away in adventures that will only give you inconvenience.

Third trimester: In your married life, everything will be good to convince your spouse or partner that it is good to live with you. In addition, you will be sure to strengthen your bonds of complicity with him by promoting dialogue. In short, everything will go for the best in the best possible worlds! Single, you will charm all over, and your flattering conquests will make many envious. However, it will be love at first sight, and you will think about putting the rope around your neck!

Fourth quarter: You will live a certain animation in your love life. If you are already in household, two opposite possibilities. Either your couple is strong, and Venus will magnify the tender feelings between you and your spouse; either your couple is in big trouble, and Venus can then incite your partner to infidelity. If you are single, the astral influences will be rather favorable: Venus, joining Uranus, can cause a very important encounter.

Astrological sign Lion Virgin (January 2021)