October 25, 2020

Luxury Spa: Mandarin Oriental, the Spa to be

If fashion dads have included Mandarin Oriental in their travel guide, it's not just for his 2-star restaurant run by Thierry Marx, but also for his spa... one of the most beautiful in Paris.

On the occasion of the week of the fashion, your servant answered a difficult mission: to test - and to approve - the hot spots (spa, new shops, and high places of the Parisian night) that make everything vibrate Paris. A journey in the beautiful districts of the capital in the footsteps of Anna Wintour or Anna dello Russo ...
In full February, and while the thermometer was struggling to exceed 0 ° degree, appointment is taken at spa Mandarin Oriental. 100% relaxation in this high-fashion setting, where Parisian elegance meets the refinement of the Orient ...
It is in the basement of the hotel that nestles the spa 900 m2 and indoor swimming pool (14 m long, 4 m wide ... ideal for laps after a meal at the chef's restaurant). Composed of 7 suites spa, including 3 duo suites for couples, the spa achieves the challenge of offering one of the most spacious spas of the capital at the same time as a setting conducive to relaxation.

Just down the grand white marble staircase, I enter a sphere of plenitude thought by the architect Sybille de Margerie. The mosaic floor of white glass and carmine dotted with silver leaf butterflies guides the look towards the pool ...

After a personal interview with the therapist, the journey continues with a corridor leading to the suite. Among the care card, a range of treatments elaborated with the protocol Guerlain, and Signature Treatments developed specifically for the hotel with the English brand Aromatherapy Associates.

For my part, I chose the modeling Oriental Essence, a massage especially designed for those who feel tension in the back, neck ... Duration of the trip: 120 min. Ideal for those seeking to do good, to escape tension and stress.
The therapist works the different points of tension of the body using Quintessence oil composed of ginger, tangerine and incense ... 120 minutes later, a feeling of fullness, and the tensions disappeared ..

Practical information
Oriental Modeling Essence: 120 minutes
Price: 240 euros
Opening hours: every day from 9h to 21h
Address: 251, rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris

WE love : warm welcome ; the expertise of the therapist; the particularly spacious suites; the tea and the sweetness that awaits us after the treatment
We would like : that the pool is not reserved for hotel guests!


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Holistic Spas & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental (October 2020)