May 20, 2024

Mélanie Laurent and her pretty braided bun in Berlin

The cinema has invaded, recently, the German capital. The 63rd edition of "Berlin International Film Festival" took place on 7 February in Berlin. An important film and media event, which brings together thousands of professionals and journalists every year.

The actress Melanie Laurent was present, on the occasion of the premiere of the film "Night Train To Lisbon", in which she plays, alongside Jeremy Irons. The pretty blonde has therefore walked the red carpet, accompanied by other actors, in a sublime black strapless dress, very long, and wearing a sublime hair bun braided. A hairstyle sophisticated and elegant, well away from usually loose hair and cuts, a bit "Clutter", what is the beauty? One thing to say: it suited him perfectly and highlighted his beautiful tie and dye.

On the makeup side, Melanie Laurent played the card of simplicity, naturalness and subtlety. To highlight her beautiful green eyes, the actress had chosen a simple line of eyeliner, placed flush with the upper lashes, associated with a porcelain complexion zero defect, and a slight pink blush. The plus: his mouth, painted with a bright orange red lipstick.




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