February 29, 2024

M Pokora vs. Baptiste Giabiconi at the NRJ Music Awards: Who Cares the Peak Best?

A nice match hairstyle here is ... And a good excuse to show you some nice guys on the red carpet of NRJ Music Awards Saturday, January 22! Between the blue-eyed singer M Pokora and the dark brown dummy Baptiste Giabiconiwe hesitate ...

The ridge branch, we know: short cut on the temples, the volume of the top well stiffened and raised with a pot of gel, it boys use and abuse, the proof with these hot pictures of two beautiful VIP kids.

In M Pokora, we love the little blond tips that the popstars singer wins ... But for Baptiste Giabiconi, darling fashion of the great Karl Lagerfeld, the crest is more pointed: more fashion, higher, more trendy! Less tektonik, and that's hype!

Verdict: M Pokora cute to eat but a bit shy about the style of hairstyle. As for Baptiste Giabiconihe wins by the centimeters! He went further in the daring of the hair.

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