June 10, 2023

MAC offers Rihanna: all about their collaboration

That's it, it's official, our dear Riri and the famous cosmetics brand MAC collaborate together for a series of makeup products, to come in 2013. Collections that should be all the rage, as the singer has fans and admirers.

Unlike previous collaborations of the brand MACthis is not a "one-off project", but multiple make-up collections. John Demsey, President of Estée Lauder Cos Inc, parent company of MAC, confided to the WWD website, in a joking tone: "We tend to say that MAC likes to have dating dates, but not a serious relationship. "He then added, more seriously:" this relationship with Rihanna is in the long term and involves the development of 4 distinct color initiatives. "

For John Demsey, "this is a true organic collaboration, based on mutual admiration and respect, these four collections are like four titles on a compilation of Rihanna. Each has its own universe, look, packaging. "

Riri seems pleased to have worked with the brand MAC, that she particularly likes. She confessed, at the US WWD site, in a recent interview: "I use the products MAC touring for so long that it was natural for me. I've always loved makeup, and I've always said that if I put it on, I wanted to do it with a credible brand. "

The singer even enjoyed this collaboration, confiding to have learned a lot: "I really could play.There is so much to choose (...) I learned a lot about the details of makeup (...) every little detail is important. "
First product to be launched: the Riri Woo, lipstick inspired by the product MAC favorite of the singer, the Ruby Woo. It will be sold for the first time on May 4 and 5, during two of his concerts on the Diamond Tour in Brooklyn. Mac will even open, for the occasion, an exceptional pop-up store.

Rihanna confessed that it had some difficulties in designing this product: "It's hard to get a lipstick that can beat Ruby Woo because it matches every complexion." I had so many different samples to choose from so many different colors, and I had to choose one that works, I tried it on each of my friends, to be sure that it could go to all skin tones. "

Other collections will come later. Like the summer collection, which will include two other lipsticks (in addition to Riri Woo, permanently present), an eye shadow and a blush duo. The autumn collection will be composed of 4 lipsticks, a more pigmented version of the Riri Woo lipstick, two eye shadow palettes and false eyelashes. There will also be nail polish and makeup kit.

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