October 25, 2021

Mad of shoes: my next pair

And if the shoes were an addiction? Compulsive shopping, accumulation ... some buy pairs of shoes in series, others can not pass in front of a window without cracking.

Madeleine, 33 years old
"My cousin has always been very feminine and a fan of beautiful shoes. Six years ago, she announced that she was entering the orders. To put on the coat, she had to give up this coquetry. All his "uniform" was provided by the clergy except the shoes. She has the right to wear those of her choice provided that they are black, flat and worn with white socks! I regularly offer him a pair of a trendy brand but respectful of these famous criteria: Robert Clergerie sandals, Repetto ballerinas ... For Christmas, I spotted a pair of Tods moccasins. Together, we prove that we can be kind, but in style! "
Naima, 25 years old
"It's been several seasons since I've been wearing Ugg's all-weather celebrities, I did not really understand the craze for these Australian boots, not feminine for a penny and like big teddy bear feet!" A girlfriend made me try them out.The revelation! They are light and archi comfortable, it feels like wearing slippers! So I put sums aside these last 6 months because they cost more and more 200 euros, but I know that I will keep them for a very long time, and I consider this purchase a real investment! "

Helena, 30 years old
"Like the vast majority of women, I almost fainted when I learned that Jimmy Choo had created a capsule collection for H & M. Unfortunately, I was not able to free myself the day of the launch and when I went to the store the following Saturday, there was already nothing! I ended up calling a friend who lives in New York and she was able to get me a pair of zebra sandals and my size! I have not yet recovered or paid but it will not be long since my savior comes to France in a few weeks! "

Cowboy boots, before you buy your next pair, watch this. (October 2021)