June 10, 2023

Madonna is the singer who won the most money in 2007 according to Forbes

To determine the ranking of the twenty singers who have earned the most money, Forbes took into account the revenues generated by the sales of records and concert tickets, but also by the trade in derivatives.

Madonna far ahead with $ 72 million in revenue, nearly 49 million euros. At 49, the singer remains a sure bet for the music and commercial industry. In 2007, she lent her image to the H & M clothing line.

She exceeds by more than 10 million dollars the second singer of the classification, Barbra Streisand, which earned $ 60 million over the same period, the equivalent of 40 million euros. These revenues were largely generated by the diva's international tour, which sold for up to $ 1,000 each.

Celine Dion occupies the third place with gains of $ 45 million, or 30 million euros. Most of his profits come from his Las Vegas tour, which began in 2003 and brought in $ 450 million in five years.

The Colombian singer Shakira is fourth with $ 38 million in revenue. It is followed by Beyonce, which earned $ 27 million in revenue. Gwen Stefani follows in sixth position with $ 26 million in profits.

Christina Aguilera is seventh. She earned $ 20 million between June 2006 and June 2007. Faith Hill is eighth, with $ 19 million in capital.

Mariah Carey is in tenth place with profits of $ 13 million.

Top 20 singers who made the most money between June 2006 and June 2007

RankArtistRevenues (millions of dollars)
2Barbra Streisand60
3Celine Dion45
6Gwen Stefani26
7Christina Aguilera20
8Faith Hill19
9Dixie Chicks18
10Mariah Carey13
11Hilary Duff12
12Avril Lavigne12
13Martina McBride12
14Britney Spears8
15Carrie Underwood7
16Nelly Furtado7
18Jennifer Lopez6
19Sheryl Crow6
20Norah Jones5.5