December 1, 2021

Madonna, sexy hairstyle and sexy neckline in concert in Brussels

The rodeo girl was on stage last night. Madonna had released the heavy artillery for his concert in Belgium, changing nothing to his habits. The style remains that of a cougar bursting with energy, more "sex and rock'n'roll" than "pop idol". However, this style had already suffered heavy criticism at the release of his album and the start of the MDNA tour. Madonna will not change his tune in the middle of a battle.

The beauty ingredients: a rockabilly style, more "Boop" than "Betty". The distinctive sign of this makeup trend? A line ofeyeliner thick that redraws the eyelid, classic. In hairstyle, the usual blow dry platinum blonde Madonna with a high hull, with visible roots. Of course, this beauty look would be nothing without the panther cleavage he completes relatively soberly!

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