August 2, 2021

Magic: change your products in waterproof and long lasting

Did you know that it is possible to make any of your products waterproof and thus be able to use it without changing it, even in a humid environment?
To do this, simply use it normally and then cover it with a film of transformer waterproof or mix the texture with a drop of magic liquid and then apply it: the formula works on everything: above, a pencil line or an eyeliner, mixed with a loose powder shade, over glitter etc ...

Better, it mixes with the powdery shades allowing to use them in eyeliner and make up totally waterproof. Last feat: it can also be applied on the eyelid BEFORE removing the shadow, which makes it very long.

If not, in the amazing products family, discover a texture that deserves to be known: the lip ink. It is an aqueous texture, without fat, and hyper pigmented, which deposits a colored veil without material effect. It penetrates the surface of the lips and stays in place for very long hours, even if you eat! Apply in coloring with your felt: it can not be reworked because it marks immediately. Look after the contours and feel free to iron to intensify the color! Wait until it is dry to touch.


Our shopping selection:

Transformer waterproof, Eye Seal, Make Up For Ever, approx. 20?
Blush liquid cheeks and lips, Benetint, Benefit, 32?
Lip ink, Lip Envy, Urban Decay, 17?
Color sensasional lipsticks, Gemey Maybelline, 10,55?
Gloss effect held, Lip b. Booster, Agnes b. the Club of Beauty Creators, 17,50?
Fidelity Lip Felt, Agnès B. at CCB, 14.90?

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