December 9, 2019


The principle

Magnetotherapy is an energy rebalancing that is based on a system of magnets acting on the features of our body. It allows to target, according to the energy meridians, specific parts and to fill the Yin / Yang imbalance. These small magnets, cause a magnetic field that acts on the circulation of our blood, our nerve impulses and our lymph and promotes relaxation, sleepCirculatory rhythms .... By improving exchanges and resourcing cells, magnetotherapy allows a natural magnetic rebalancing.

To treat what?

Recognized as a soft medicine, this technique causes secretions of endorphin, the so-called well-being hormone, a powerful analgesic with calming effect that helps relieve pain caused, for example, by muscle contracture. But their field of action is vast: sprains, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, cramps, migrainesAfter the Japan, France recognizes him an alternative role on the management of the pain.

How to use magnets?

They are in the form of bracelets, self-adhesive magnet or objects containing them. By positioning them on the part of the body unbalanced, one brings an anti-inflammatory response (positive pole) or releasing (negative pole). Depending on the indication, they are worn for a few hours a day or permanently.

To remember

- Magnets work in pairs, North polarity (anti-inflammatory) and South polarity
(toning and restorative) and are placed on both sides of the epicenter of pain.
- The magnets are not discharged, their duration of use is unlimited.
- The magnets magnetize the water. Diuretic and assimilable, magnetized water improves tone, digestion and transit.
- Precautions: Magnets are sometimes discouraged and incompatible with pace-makers, also working with a magnet, which can be out of order and during the first three months of the pregnancy.

To try

- 4 small contact magnets, Medimag 2500 Gold Eco, 15.30 euros
- 25 magnets to stick on the body, Medimag Or®: 72 euros
- Magnetic plate to put under the bed to restore the North / South axis and a sleep of
better quality, Actipol®: 85,90 euros
- Magnetic mouse pad with gel wrist rest: 17.90 euros and Magnetic gel keyboard bar: 17.90 euros

Products and free discovery offer (one book and two magnets) by clicking here.

To go further: Monique Vial's book "Précis de Magnétothérapie".

Magneris magnetotherapy unit- Astar (December 2019).