August 15, 2022

Maison Martin Margiela revisits the Converse in an urban-chic style

The Converse is without doubt one of the shoes the most popular and most popular of all in the women's or men's locker room. Thus this timeless basketball crosses the ages without ever becoming obsolete.

After signing a capsule collection for H & M in December 2012, Maison Martin Margiela has chosen to collaborate with Converse for a first collection that may appeal to many fashionistas. Thus the legendary models of the brand: the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Jack Purcell are revisited and entirely hand-painted in the iconic white Maison Martin Margiela, which is today considered one of the brands, the most atypical and the most avant-garde of his generation. Always in search of originality, pushing away the classic codes of fashion, Maison Martin Margiela wished to make this Converse unique and unusual.

The most unusual thing? Covering all of the shoe, the layer of paint flakes naturally over time to reveal the original color of each pair ... Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell reveal their personality over time. "We use it as a layer that creates a sense of unification discretion. With time, the basket is revealed, it is poetic ", said Maison Martin Margiela.

To discover this Maison Martin Margiela x Conserve collection, go on September 24 in Converse stores or exclusively in Maison Martin Margiela boutiques.

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