August 14, 2022

Make an infallible mouth with the new L'Oréal Paris lipstick

16 hours of infallible dress and glamor on the beach this summer is possible. With the infallible lipstick of L'Oreal Paris, your lips will be chrome nickel. This lipstick everything new leaves no trace, it is resistant and comfortable. Ideal for a day at the beach, where you do not necessarily have a mirror on hand. A layer of red, a layer of lip balm integrated, and you do not worry more about your mouth of the day. You stay beautiful and makeup even after sea bathing or meals on the terrace.

Thanks to its two lip sticks, you are quiet all day and all night to party with the lipstick Ultra-resistant color, and an anti-crumbling lip balm that offers comfort and shine to your lips. He is infallible, we tell you!

Lipstick Infallible L'Oreal Paris, 10 shades, 20.70?

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