May 29, 2023

Make love: 5 unsuspected and unusual virtues

Make love Not War ! Studies prove it: it's good for health and good for morale. A recent survey conducted by American researchers and relayed by the Huffington Post even reported, recently, that sex would affect your salary. The opportunity for, to return to the unsuspected, unusual and often unknown virtues of sexual intercourse.
1. Make love increases your salary
Researchers at the University of Anglia Ruskin in the United States compared the wage curve and the frequency of sexual intercourse of 8000 people aged between 26 and 50 years. And the results are amazing. There is indeed a link between the two. For example, people who have at least four sex sessions a week earn, on average, 5% more than others. In contrast, those who have no sex life earn, on average, 3% less. Be careful however to the interpretation of these data. There are two opposing views: either more sexually successful people are more likely to succeed, or more successful people succeed in having more conquests, and thus more sex.
2. Making love makes you look younger
According to a survey conducted by Professor David Weeks, neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, and his team, for 10 years, of 3500 people aged 20 to 104 (who looked younger than their age), regular sexual activity could rejuvenate 7 to 12 years. This would require having sex three times a week. You know what you have left to do...
3. Orgasm stimulates the brain more than a part of sudoku
Another American study, conducted by Barry Komisaruk, a scientist specializing in female sexual pleasure, recently showed that orgasm would stimulate the woman's brain, more than a piece of sudoku or arrowheads. "During orgasm, there is a significant increase of blood to the brain, I think it can not be bad, it oxygen and nutrient recharge" he explained. "Mental exercises increase brain activity, but only in localized areas, orgasm activates everything." To hell with the puzzles, and other crosswords ladies!
4. Make love calm headaches
The excuse of migraine has no reason to be ladies! According to a German study, conducted on 800 people suffering from migraines and 200 headaches, make love could lull the pain, or even eradicate it. "Our results show that sexual activity during a migraine can relieve or even stop the pain." How is it possible ? Very simple, the sex releases endorphins, natural painkillers found in the body that will reduce or eliminate headaches.
5. Making love protects you from the flu and colds

Better than a medicine, make love help you fight effectively (and pleasantly) the cold, gastro or flu. Manfred Schedlovski, a Swiss researcher in Zurich, has shown that sexual intercourse will boost the immune system. How? During the act, the number of T cells, or white blood cells, would increase significantly. T cells that will then destroy cells contaminated with different viruses. Effective, is not it?

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