October 27, 2021

Make-up advice: I have green eyes, which colors to choose?

The colors that embellish the eyes green

The complementary color of green? The Red. Warning. This is obviously not to put a line of carmine red on the eyelids. The goal is to use the colors that can be declined from this hue. To wake up the iris of your eyes, use lilac, mauve, plum, pale pink or purple shades. You can also draw in warmer tones. In this case, magnify your look with a brown, soft brown, glossy brown or apricot.

Colors to avoid

We forget the gray. This color is not honest enough. It does not score enough contrasts and gives a side a little bland to your eyes. As for eyes blue we also avoid the tone on your tone. A green eye shadow never put any eyes green in value. It is essential to keep in mind the principle of contrast to magnify the look.

The eyeliner to intensify the look

To emphasize the look, use a burgundy eyeliner to put on the lashes. This beauty detail is ideal to sublimate a make up of evening. Add a touch of plum-colored mascara to the eyelashes and you're done.

Make up eyes green in the evening

Load your lips with carmine red then magnify your eyes with a long line of black eyeliner. As for mascara, do not be afraid to put several layers of this cosmetic on your eyelashes to intensify your makeup and play the card pin-up. To complete a more romantic evening beauty look, unify your complexion. Then apply an iridescent lilac make-up all over the eyelid and eyes of black pencil. All that's missing is a touch of black mascara to sublimate the look.

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