October 27, 2021

Make Up For Ever Official Makeup Artist Patricia Kaas

At the dawn of its 25 years, the famous makeup brand Make Up For Ever announces its partnership with a great French song artist: Patricia Kaas. With 15 million albums sold worldwide, Patricia Kaas is a charismatic muse for the brand, constantly striving for excellence. The partnership was obvious for his big return on stage.
Kabaret evokes the 30s and an extremely rich imagination for all makeup artists and artists. It's a fantastic place, where all the differences are blurred and where everything becomes possible, where the art of transformation becomes unique. This universe has always been very dear to Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever, the favorite brand of Make Up Artists.

For Dany Sanz, cabaret artists are the most accomplished and make-up, each night put to the test, must be at once resistant, festive but also upsetting beauty and sincerity. The cabaret was an obvious source of inspiration for the range of 60 natural and extravagant false eyelashes, or even the graphic sequins.

In preparation for a world tour that will feature 170 dates in Europe, Asia and North America, here is the make-up look imagined by the makeup team on the theme of cabaret Patricia Kaas, its musicians and dancers. A tailor-made look, faithful to the spirit of the 1930s but resolutely anchored in modernity.


Neutral Foundation Microperfection HD # 0. (27?)
Couvrance Invisible HD # 125 Foundation. (31,50?)
VELVET FINISH # 2 Compact Powder. (27,20?)
Free Powder # 16. (20?)

Blush Sculpting # 16, 18 and 24. (22,60?)

Eyeshadows # 0, 126, 127, 129 and 169. (16,30?)
Kohl black pencil. (13?)
Extra Black SMOKY LASH Mascara. (19,50?)
Eyebrow pencil # 2. (13?)
Eyelashes KABARET (NEW) # 113. (13,80?)

Lipstick # 311. (17,30?)
Fascinating Gloss # 9. (15,90?)
Aqua Lip Pencil 1C and 2C. (13,40?)

Face & Body Foundation # 22. (29,50?)

Patricia Kaas is currently touring all over France, she is visiting the Casino de Paris from January 20 to 31, 2009, and will then continue her series of concerts in the rest of France until April 2009.

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Patricia Kaas Photoshoot for VIVA | FashionTV (October 2021)