June 23, 2024

Make your own infusions

Easy to make, they generally provide a higher healing value to infusions bought in commerce. It is also possible to harvest plants yourself and dry them in order to consume them at any time of the year. Dried herbal infusions are delicious and excellent for your health.
To make a successful harvest, the plants must be healthy, care must be taken not to tear them. Avoid harvesting near a polluted area, which may affect the quality of your plants.
When to pick which plant?
  • - The different leaves used for making homemade herbal teas are harvested between spring and summer.
  • - The flowers are collected in summer, when they are mature.
  • - The fruits are picked in summer and early autumn.
  • - The seeds and roots of plants are better when they are picked in autumn.

How to dry plants for a successful home brew?
It is important to dry the plants quickly after picking them up. Drying will condition the good conservation of our plants and their nutritional quality. Spread all the picking on a thin paper in a rather airy room. Then, the plants should be monitored daily, until complete drying. Once this is complete, the storage of dried plants is done in a hermetically sealed box.
The principle of infusion is known to all, it is simply enough to pour hot water on the dried plants. Let infuse 5 to 10 minutes depending on the plant used and be sure to cover the teapot. Filter with a fine strainer drink before consuming it. The various infused plants prove to be excellent for health, they have the gift of healing some small everyday sores.

What infusion for what sore?
- For better digestion, it is recommended to consume pungent nettle root, blackcurrant leaves, linden, rhubarb, fennel ...

  • - To be zen all day, there are many anti-stress plants that are easily consumed in herbal tea: lavender, orange blossom, marjoram, lemon balm ...
  • - Other plants such as elderberry are reputed to help fight against respiratory diseases or help to smooth blood circulation: pungent nettle, plantain, yarrow ...

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