August 15, 2020

Makeup: 6 tips to achieve a graphic eye

Prepare "the ground"
The more intense the makeup, the more complexion must be nickel, without being noticeable. The idea? Give the impression that the skin is perfect without giving it a specific effect (velvety skin, touches of light ...). It would load a little more face, which would become "too much".
Erase the signs of fatigue
As you are about to focus on your eyes, make sure that they are as flawless as possible. No more dark circles, we blur everything with a corrector. Put a nut on the flat of the hand, which you apply in several small keys under the eye, with the handle of a brush. Start by tapping the material from the inner corner of the eye, then outward.
Smooth the entire surface to avoid creating thickness. Finally, powder the area with a free foundation and an illuminating brush. This will prevent clumps of matter from being created during the day.
To make sure that your makeup holds, apply a smoothing base or, if you do not, a mini-touch ofconcealer. By smoothing the product well, you also prevent the material to lodge in the folds of the eyelids.
Do not neglect your eyebrows
With such makeup, impossible to ignore eyebrows. Unless they have an irreproachable line and both are perfectly symmetrical. If this is not the case (as for most women), start by disciplining them by brushing them with a brush or a brush. mascara empty, of which you will have kept the brush for this specific use.
With a blush or pencil close to the natural shade of your eyebrowsgive them a beautiful shape and fill in the holes. Finally, and especially if you eyebrows are kind of rebellious, fix them with a wax or a little pschitty lacquer on the brush brush.
Color your eyes for a smoky
Serious things begin. Apply a light eye shadow over the entire surface of the eyelid, then roughly sketch your eyelid with a kohl pencil. The latter must be "chromatically" close to the color of your smoky. You will blur the rendering with your finger or with a brush. Then choose the eye shadow that will sign the identity of your graphic eye and apply it on the entire eyelid. With a paintbrush, degrade the material to the beginning of the brow bone and the lower lash line. Using a stronger shade, load the material look by coloring the outer corner of the eye and the top of the moving eyelid. If it's metallic it's even better. A second option is to draw a line of glittering liner flush with the eyelashes. To intensify your look, wrap your eye with a kohl pencil the color of your smoky. Last step not to neglect, lighten your lashes with a mascara special volume, up and down. For an important evening, you can complete with false eyelashes.
Opt for the "dark smoky" trend
Another possible declination for a graphic eye, make a smoked eye, which will give the effect of makeup that has lived. Do not miss it, this is one of the most popular winter catwalk trends. Repeat the instructions for the smoky until the stage of degraded kohl. Cover this effect with a metallic eye shadow in the same tones, while degrading the material to the maximum. An illuminating brush will help you in this step. Prolong the effect under the eye by ensuring that there is no break between the two eyelids. Then finish with the same rules as the smoky.
And on the mouth?
A well-done graphic eye always catches the eye. And even more so if it is done with intense colors such as black, deep blue, green or brown. No need to add a layer with flashy colors on your lips. Depending on your complexion, prefer nude or slightly pink tones. Gloss or lipstick, you choose the texture that suits you the most. Remember only to favor a product not too bright, for the same reasons as a bright color.

Graphic Eyes Make Up Tutorial (August 2020)