February 25, 2021

Makeup lesson MAC: the time of the assessment

At the end of the session, I am very makeup, maybe even too much. I have trouble getting there but after a few minutes of adaptation, I find in the end that the result is natural. Following some flattering looks in the street and in the subway, I finally find this perfect make up!

90? for 1:30 good advice, I think it's worth it. Especially since there is no mistake possible. At each step, the makeup artist takes care to know what I think of makeup. At any time, I can decide to go back or change colors if it does not suit me.

In the end, I come out having learned a lot of tricks and techniques. I discovered the application of the foundation with the brush, the use of the eye shadow cream as well as the handling of the curl-eyelash. Now, I also know the colors that suit me.

The fact of leaving with a drawing on which are inscribed the names of the products, the colors as well as the brushes used is reassuring and makes it possible to reproduce the makeup at home.
Another positive point: personalized make-up lessons take place in all shops MAC. No need to live in Paris to go there.

If you're a zen fan, maybe it's better to go your way. The music is trendy and strong enough, the spots can be aggressive. Here, we are above all in a colorful world.

Thanks to Tom and the shop MAC, 76 bis rue des Saints Fathers, 75007 Paris

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