October 22, 2021

Makeup of black and mixed skin: the importance of colors

We doe eyes with a mascara curling and lengthening, with emphasis on the outer corner of the eye.
If your eyelashes are too short, do not hesitate to cheat a little!
False eyelashes are there for that. They enlarge the eyes in the blink of an eye and it's ultra-trendy.
Take care to put them in place before you wear makeup. Then apply your mascara to properly incorporate false eyelashes to yours. The result is more true than nature, you will see!
Rather than mascara black, we choose one with color. Simply because playing on contrasts, we put much better the look of a black woman in value.
Electric blue, green, or deep violet are among the most beautiful hues; they dress eyes instantly making them both sophisticated and mysterious.
To intensify the whole, we highlight the eyelids with a dash of eyeliner. We recommend Sleek's "Dip-it Eyeliner" with long-lasting hold and vibrant colors. So chic!
Out the bland, pale and untainted hues: they go almost unnoticed on black women!
With a "nude attitude", you would definitely have everything wrong ...
Enjoy rather dark or bright colors, sequined, pearly, golden ...
The ethnic brands, who understood everything, focused the color pigments in their eyeliner. A technique that has made eyeshadow an essential beauty accessory for all black women.
So much so that many white women sometimes prefer to buy these products!
To test without breaking the bank, we strongly recommend Sleek MakeUp's I-divine palette (8,50 euros) or Arsène Valère's eye shadow (www.arsenevalere.com)
And the lips?
The outline pencil is not really useful unless you want to refine your lips ...
We detail the technique:
Pass a pencil lighter than your natural outline on the edge of your lips, then draw the new outline with a darker pencil. Finally, blend it inward so that it is based in your lipstick. And voila!
Lipstick or gloss ? You are free to choose but beware do not abuse the gloss because the black lips are already fleshy and do not need relief effect. So put only on the lower lip!
Two options are available to you, side colors:
-If your eyes are very made up, opt for a gloss transparent or a lipstick with natural hues.
The lipstick Iman Lip-Stain (18.40 euros) is not bad at all!
- If you applied only mascara, focus the color on the mouth and bet on reds, burgundy, fuschia, plum ... As a finishing touch: add a sprig of gloss. Result: an irresistible smile. You have awakened the ultra-glam woman in you!

How I do Makeup on Women of Color (October 2021)