October 27, 2021

Makeup of black and mixed skin: the secrets of Cindy Fabre, Miss France 2005

How do you clean your skin?
I use the morning and evening cleansing lotion "H²0" Bioderma. To remove makeup, I apply "Nivea Wash off" which is a two-in-one since it purifies the skin at the same time
I do a facial scrub once a week with Clarins' "Gommant Express à la sap d'orange".
Which moisturizer do you use?
I use the "Thirst quencher" of Clarins. It nourishes deeply without greasing. I love its texture.
And to unify the complexion?
Everything depends on the circumstances but in general I always apply a fluid foundation.
For evening makeup, I put "Complexion Singing" Yves-Saint Laurent. It is a melting and powdery veil that matifies the skin well. But for the day, I prefer the foundation "High definition" of Make-Up Forever.
And not to have shiny skin, I apply the free powder of Black Opal.
To enhance it all, I put a touch of pink blush on the cheekbones. My favorite is the Red Fire at Dior.
How do you make up your eyes?
I love to put mascara and I completely fall for the "effect" of Chanel which perfectly lengthens the eyelashes. I also put eyeliner and I really like Bobbi Brown's gel "Graffith Shimmer".
Side eyeshadow, I'm a fan of golden glitter-brown Nars. They have excellent behavior.
And for the mouth?
I really like lipsticks that are natural but I find it hard to find one that really suits me. So I found a little trick ... I matify my lips with a drop of fluid foundation and I apply a transparent gloss over it. It's nice, natural and it holds very well!
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