June 9, 2023

Makeup: the history of blush

In France, makeup does not begin to develop until 17e century because in the Middle Ages, it was perceived as a diabolical vice leading to debauchery. However, the first traces of makeup exist in Egyptian civilizations for millennia: cheeks colored with red ocher ...

This simple gesture of makeup is common to women of all civilizations since time immemorial. It helps brighten up the face by giving back some colors.

In China, the madder, a plant used by dyers was used to color some powders for the cheeks.

In ancient Greece, the women blushed their cheeks with crushed blackberry ...
In the Maghreb countries, saffron, besides its use in cooking, was also used as blusher.

In France, before to know the modern packaging of today, the first blushes were made from sulfur and mercury ... a formula that caused many allergies and damage to the skin.

More generally, in Europe, it develops thanks to the Italian Renaissance: beauty becomes sensual and precious.
At the court of the Sun King, makeup is on all faces, which are then available in two colors: white and red, without fear of ridicule! Poppy extracts, plants ... Everything is good to put on the cheeks!

The first blush "Cendres de rose" is created by Bourjois brand in 1912. Today, the blush has become an indispensable makeup product in every woman's kit: it has undergone many changes over the century: Chanel rose, pastel colors in the 60s and Terracotta in the early 80s ... blush has not finished putting your eyes on it!

100 Years of Blush | Allure (June 2023)