August 12, 2020

Makeup: "To be beautiful after 40 years"

Call it what you want! A Bible, a reference guide ... To be beautiful after 40 years reveals the natural beauty. We discover in this book a very simple philosophy that begins with an important point: accept each stage of his life. A lifted face loses all its expressions and warmth. So do not opt ​​for the scalpel, follow the advice of Bobbi Brown.

Who is Bobbi Brown ?
A professional make-up artist, she gained notoriety by creating an innovative lipstick concept, and then developed her cosmetics brand, which was immediately a great success. She is also the author of several reference books on beauty, but they have never been translated into French.
What does the book propose?
Lots of things ! It presents realistic, natural and effective ways to be beautiful every day.
Bobbi Brown offers practical tips to improve appearance, avoiding anything that could affect near or far to cosmetic surgery. She answers a lot of questions such as how to keep perfect skin in all circumstances? What are the bases of a discreet makeup, but still effective? What are the tips and tricks to optimize your haircut or color? How to erase dark circles and brown spots? How to find his look? etc.
The book is illustrated with more than 200 photos, including striking "before / after".

Where to buy this book ?
Specialty shops, Fnac, Virgin ....

Where to buy products Bobbi Brown ?
The brand Bobbi Brown has been in France for 10 years and is currently distributed in 80 outlets such as Nocibé, Sephora, Printemps ...

Practice :
192 illustrated pages
Price: 25?

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