April 20, 2024

Makeup trend: babydoll eyelashes, the bright colors of spring

Baby doll eyelashes

The make up has a new look in the retro. After the Mad Men trend, which had seen 50s-inspired make-ups, with red lips and eyeliner lines on the bill, spring is revisiting the sixties. This season, we all want a baby doll look with XXL eyelashes and well defined that make us doll eyes. A makeup inspired by the English top Twiggy still glam 50 years later.

Beautiful pastel

Out the flashy, spring sees life in pastel. A less radical trend that will appeal to the greatest number. But will she leave on their hunger the most extreme beautystas? No, because these soft hues and a little past are anything but boring. Besides, we may be attending the pastel war. Indeed, two major currents clash to win the favor of beauty addicts: the pastel babe discreet and romantic and the pastel tart that pulls slightly to the flashy. It's up to you to choose your side.

Green throws itself into the water

This spring, we will be green. Literally. The green of water will indeed be on all the nails, on the eyelids but also on all the lips. This soft color stands out in the pastel trend and is undoubtedly the hue of the season. It is found on many varnishes, on eyeshadow but also, more surprisingly, on gloss. A trend that is clearly inspired by the spring-summer 2012 parades where the green of water squatted the catwalks of our favorite fashion designers.

The flashy on the sly

Unlike previous years, flashy hues are no longer spring. Faced with the omnipresent pastel, they are nevertheless resistance. While the flashy is no longer the dominant trend of the season but it still appears on some products. Lipstick orange or fuchsia, eyeshadow pop blue or purple and varnish vibrant colors try to put a little neon in our lives.

Spring Makeup Trend 2019 | PASTELS | Makeup Tutorial (April 2024)