April 17, 2024

Makeup trend: Katy Perry is the new face of CoverGirl

Since her debut on the media scene as a singer, Katy Perry dare colorful looks. Like her pop songs, she wears colorful outfits that contrast with minimalist fashion. But she does not stop there. Indeed, the young woman, 28 years old, is equally in love with candy pink, purple or sky blue makeup. Eye shadow in all over, fake eyelashes colorful, patterned contact lenses, brightly colored lipsticks ... There are countless fantasies of singers. So crazy about makeup, but also perfumes, since the star is already in his third fragrance, whose sales are more than honorable. The latest, Killer Queen, was released just a few months ago. In parallel, the young woman also launched her own makeup brand, Eyelure, specializing in fake eyelashes, which she loves.
So naturally, the American brand CoverGirl turned to Katy Perry to embody his image. In this mission, the young woman takes over from Ellen DeGeneres, Janelle Monea, Pat McGrath, P! NK or Queen Latifah. Celebrities who, like Katy Perry, embody current American America.
For this first collaboration between Katy Perry and CoverGirl, we discover the young woman in a new light. The complexion, candid, is just pink with a little blush, like a young woman moved. On the eyes, she wears only a hint of mascara lengthening, who opens his eyes a hypnotic blue. Only touch of color, but particularly successful, a raspberry pink mouth. On her nails however, the young woman dares anyway one of the nail polish metallics of which she has the secret, and which echo the color of her eyes.
Delighted with this new collaboration, the singer wrote on her Twitter account: "Great news to announce you. Today is my first day as amuse for CoverGirl ". She later announced that it was "an honor for her to collaborate with this brand and to offer new approaches to make-up for her audience, both in terms of colors and textures". For their part, the representatives of the brand explained their choice by stating that Katy represented "the perfect incarnation of CoverGirl. Someone who is identified as such and who is also a permanent source of inspiration. "
A very rich news for Katy Perry these last weeks since she is about to release a new album, Prism, dated October 22nd.