June 13, 2024

Male sexuality in 10 questions

Does the size of the penis have an influence on the pleasure of the partner?
A priori no, it is not a question of width and length, even if a small number of women enjoy feeling their partner. It should be remembered that the sensitive areas of the vagina are located in the first four centimeters of it.

Can men simulate an orgasm?
A priori yes, but it is not part of the masculine culture and there is no reason for it to do so. In general theman He does not even know he can.
The only time he would be tempted to simulate is when he can not ejaculate and wants the report to end. And as a women feels some frustration if his partner does not haveOrgasm, she considers that the act is not finished, it will simulate to satisfy it.

Can a man have an orgasm without ejaculating?
Yes, it can happen, but in general it means that theman has a problem, such as a pathology in the prostate. We call this a Orgasm dry or retrograde (which goes into the bladder). physiologically Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. We tend to think so because they are very close temporally.
The men practicing tantric yoga, focused on sexuality, are able to control their ejaculation, because for them sperm is a precious substance that should not be lost.

Can a man enjoy several times in a row?
It should be known that man can not be multi-orgasmic (many orgasms during the same report) unlike some women. Afterwards it's a question of age, the younger he is, the more he is able to start again quickly and to have orgasms together.

Does the amount of ejaculated sperm depend on the intensity of pleasure?
No, the amount of sperm depends on the frequency of the reports. However a small amount of sperm can worry a man and reduce his pleasure. But it's purely psychological.

Why do many men fall asleep after orgasm?
After'Orgasm, the "fall" is brutal, theman his legs are cut and he tends to sink into a soft torpor. For him it's great to fall asleep and in no way he makes fun of his partner. On the contrary, it is because he is very well, with confidence, that he can let himself go. If his partner does not like, he must learn to stay alert.

Why do men have an erection in the morning?
Scientists have long wondered. It is physiological: the testosterone level (hormones produced by the testicles) is higher in the morning; the bladder is full and stimulates the inner genital area; theman Sleeping is more relaxed, which reduces possible psychological blockages and erection is done naturally.
This is a good sign, especially for those who have erection problems at other times of the day. In this case it is more a psychological disorder to solve than a physical problem.
And contrary to what some people say women whose partner has concerns of this kind, the morning erection does not imply that he thinks of another women.

Why does blowjob give so much pleasure to a man?
Attention all do not necessarily appreciate the blowjob. The area around the glans is very sensitive. During a blowjob the sex of theman is more lubricated and tight than in a vagina. There is also a greater speed of movement.
Theman feels even more sensations when he feels that the women takes pleasure in doing it.

Why does sodomy make men fantasize?
Today, sodomy is in clear progression. For'man sodomy is a transgression and so it excites. It's a way to feel his penis in a tighter vice. There is also the animal side that stimulates it.
The men Those who seek this practice do not have homosexual repressed tendencies.

Does a circumcised sex increase the pleasure of man and woman?
Not for one or the other. If theman has always known his sex like that it will bring him nothing more. On the other hand, if he undergoes circumcision as an adult to solve a problem, he will find a profit.
But anyway when sex is erect it is decanted!

Can there be different forms of orgasm?
In theory yes, but very often theman just the same. To do this he must learn to increase his pleasure by amplifying his sensations in his erogenous zones, which will allow him to access several types of intensity.orgasms.

Gay Men Answer Sexuality Questions You're Afraid To Ask (June 2024)