August 16, 2022

Marionnaud: discover the Ioma high tech care range

It's been just a year since Ioma deployed in all institutes Marionnaud. In these winter months, the call of the cocooning is felt and one would fall for enveloping cares, gentle exfoliations, Constellation liftante firmness care ... Indeed, well-being does not stop the progress: As we slowly get back to sport and replace the frozen log with pineapple slices, the good idea is to do good while helping your body to zap the winter grease.

This is where Ioma interests us. The brand offers moisturizing cosmetics, youth serums and creams on the one hand, and institute treatments such as lifting, slimming and firming massage and massage. Everything is targeted and the care is tailored to the needs of each. Each product, each treatment will be proposed following a diagnosis made by a patented machine Ioma. A nice machine that is interested in our skin type, age, body mass etc. To discover for those who have not yet taken the plunge!

Our IOMA skin consultation tried and tested | Get The Gloss (August 2022)