June 23, 2024

Massage baby, how to do?

A real moment of tenderness and exchange between baby and his parents, the massage calms, relaxes and reassures a toddler. But to keep all the well-being of this moment, it is important to follow certain principles.

When and how to massage baby ?
It is best to massage your child in a warm atmosphere. As Ms. Franz, a physiotherapist in Seine-et-Marne, reminds us, "An infant is quickly cold, it may be well to do this. massage at the exit of the bath and especially in a sufficiently heated room. After the duration of massage depends on the age of the child and his desires, it can last from 2 to 30 minutes. The masseur's hand should be light and warm. The mother can use oil or creams adapted to the skin of the child.

Starting at what age ?
From an early age a child can be massaged by his mother or dad. "In premature babies, it's more than just well-being. Skin-to-skin contact is very important, it helps to grow the child, "says Franz.

Which parts of the body should you massage?
"The whole body of the child can be massaged. The head remains to be avoided because it is a fragile part of the body. There are many types of massage but with an infant the most important is the contact. The massage is mainly a caress, "says Franz. Regarding the parts of the body, it is possible to massage the feet, the back, the belly, etc.

What benefits for the child?
Sylvie Thiberville, specialized educator, sees in the massage the best way to stimulate the child's physical and emotional awakening: "The massage allows the child to become aware of his body and help him to differentiate his body from that of the other. As long as it is practiced with tenderness, the massage is beneficial for the emotional development of the baby ". This massage helps relieve the child of colic and other small worries.

Internships and specialized kines exist for moms who want more advice.

Baby Massage (June 2024)