June 2, 2020

Masterchef: 5 ways to bring contrast to a plate

In the third episode of Masterchef 2013, the chefs in the race had to make contrasting preparations. The title of the test has left many puzzled as this challenge can be interpreted in different ways. Here are the ones that have been proposed and are easy to reproduce. Before discovering the fourth episode this Friday, return to ways to contrast your plate.


1. A hot / cold dish
The first way to put contrast is to integrate elements both hot and cold. It is quite simple to reproduce in desserts, with a warm cake and an ice cream sherbet for example. But in salty dishes too! With ingredients such as salmon or scallops, it is also possible to create scents in the mouth.


2. Two opposite colors
The diversity of foods is such that it is possible to have an incredible variety of colors.
With green peppers and tomatoes, you will associate red and green for visual opposition.


3. Sweet / salty flavors

The association between sweet and salty has become commonplace in the kitchen. Add fruit in a salad, make a sauce with honey or fruit to accompany a meat, add spices or potato in desserts ... All these ways of doing can bring a true mix of flavors .


4. Mix of sweet and acid

During the test, Marc dared a bold mix. It has complemented its rhubarb, passion fruit and chioggia beetroot foie gras to add acidity to a creamy sauce with cream and coconut milk. What give ideas in his kitchen ... A touch of acidity and spice will awaken basic dishes.


5. A mix between crunchy and creamy

Nothing like a mix of textures in a dish. Chiefs and candidates often remind him. The game between the crunchy and creamy gives a real explosion in the mouth.



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