October 4, 2023

Masterchef: what to remember from episode 2

Fans of culinary techniques and jargon, discover our summary of terms heard in the second episode of Masterchef 3. Alternately employed by candidates, jurors Frédéric Anton, Sébastien Demorand and Yves Camdeborde, or the guest conductors on the show, these sometimes barbaric words will soon have no secrets for you.

 What is a rolling mill?
a rolling mill is the machine to make pasta that the candidates of Masterchef had to use during the first mystery box test. If you have already tested it, it requires a certain dexterity, but more than the handling of the machine, it is especially the quality of your dough which will be essential. Indeed, technical question, just a little elbow grease to turn the crank and pass, then iron the tireless tirelessly so that it becomes perfectly smooth, thin and elastic.

What does "contiser" mean?
In the mystery box trial, Thomas proudly announced to the jury that he was going to "contend" with the swordfish. Do we have to worry about the beast or not? The answer is no, since in connoisseur, the amateur cook of Masterchef he simply said that he would cut his piece of swordfish into a chorizo ​​filling. This is called a piece of meat or fish.

What is lardage?
As Yves Camdeborde said, lardage is an important step in the realization of beef bourguignon. The lardage is simply to garnish a piece of meat with bits of bacon or bacon.

What is braising?
Another important step in the preparation of a beef bourguignon, braising.Braiser a meat is to simmer for a long time, over low heat and smothered, food dipped in a little liquid (salt water, sweet, broth ... ). The braising of a meat often occurs after one has just seized the pieces of meat in oil or butter to release all the juices.

A barigoule, what is it?
Behind this funny name is simply hiding a way of cooking. Artichokes are often cooked in the barigoule, stuffed with bacon, mushrooms and onions and cooked in oil. By extension, the stuffing made with the mixture of these tasty ingredients is also called barigoule.

What does pélardon mean?
In the team event in which the candidates clashed at the foot of the Pont du Gard, they had to cook a pélardon risotto. Pélardon is a traditional French cheese from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Its soft dough, made with goat cheese, is covered with a natural rind.

What is a court-bouillon?
This is a word we often hear in the kitchen, but who knows what it really means? A court-bouillon is a flavored liquid (salt, peppers, spices) to which wine and / or vinegar are added. It is used most often to poach fish, shellfish and shells. The basic recipe for making a court-bouillon is: 2L. of water, 1L. of white wine, 1 / 2L. vinegar, 20g of salt, 1 carrot, 1/2 stalk of celery, 2 sprigs of parsley, 1/2 onion, 1/2 bay leaf, 1 pinch of thyme, a pinch of pepper.

What do you want to do with crayfish?
In general, castrating is synonymous with castrating, that is to say that we suppress the reproductive organs. When a crayfish is chopped, simply remove the central hose by pulling on the tail. Note that this technique is done on live crayfish and that is used the same for langoustines for example. Why should it be removed? Because it's quite disgusting at first, but also because it can sometimes give a little bit of bitterness to the preparation.

What is the caviar® flower?
The caviar flower is an invention of Rougui Dia, the chef of the restaurant Petrossian whose candidates for Masterchef have to reproduce the recipe under pressure test.Realized with caviar, this high-end product that can be kept for a long time and can be handled with a spoon or mill for cooking or tasting.
More info: www.petrossian.fr

What's the cachat?
The strange preparation that Rougui Dia had prepared for the candidates of Masterchef is a petrified cheese that has acquired, by fermentation, a very pungent taste.

What does cromesquis mean?
The cromesquis, that the candidates of Masterchef had to be realized at the end of the second episode of Masterchefthey are nothing more or less than meat croquettes. As we have seen in the show, the candidates simply fried their small croquettes in hot oil.
That's all for this week, all you have to do is go into the kitchen to apply these techniques and develop your culinary knowledge. What does one say ? Thank you Masterchef

Masterchef US Season 7 Episode 19 Finale Part 2 (October 2023)