July 3, 2020

Masterchef: who is really Sébastien Demorand?

Son of diplomat, Sébastien Demorand, born August 4, 1969, could have exercised a whole lot of diverse and varied professions. It is however as an uncompromising culinary critic that we have seen him land in the jury of exception of Masterchef in 2010. He is first a journalist, like his brother Nicolas Demorand. It is in this direction that Sébastien Demorand had become oriented, having started in the field of advertising. His two years of study at the CFJ (Training Center of Journalists) allow him to enter Europe 1 where he presents newspapers and reports for five years.

Birth of a vocation
But it's only a few years later that the true vocation of Sébastien Demorand is born when he joins his brother, Nicolas, in the writing of the prestigious Gault & Millau guide. There, he gives free rein to his passion for cooking and food. And it is natural that he becomes a food critic in 2001 on RTL in particular. After such a journey, it is not surprising that we find him in the jury of Masterchef with both leaders Frédéric Anton and Yves Camdeborde, because there is Sébastien Demorand something that goes beyond simple cooking.

A dandy in love with the kitchen

Sébastien Demorand has everything from the cultivated dandy which, speaking of the fruits and vegetables of the market, puts you in the mouth in a few thoughtful descriptions. When we met him behind the scenes of the shooting of the second edition of Masterchef, Sébastien Demorand showed a real enthusiasm, a deep desire to reveal the ability of the kitchen to talk, to discover a universe or a culture, and above all, to (have) pleasure. It is sometimes said too severe, we prefer to say that he is a juror definitely in love with the kitchen and therefore necessarily demanding. But in any case never mean.

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