May 23, 2022

Match Match: Demi Moore and Cindy Crawford

At 48 (yes yes it's not a joke), Demi Moore seems to have found a new youth - and a good cosmetic surgeon - since meeting with Ashton Kutcher. And if without some minor tweaks, Demi Moore would probably not be so glamorous, we can only welcome the result.

Draped purple dress, marked size and pumps, Demi Moore is beautiful as the actress has an apricot complexion, tanned just right: a slight peach blush enhances her cheekbones but Demi Moore made the right choice by not forcing on makeup or jewelry. Simple and almost natural, Demi Moore have everything!

The one that turned Richard Gere's head in the '90s, with which she trained for ten years during Hollywood's most glamorous couple, lost none of its sex appeal 10 years later. Married to billionaire Randy Gerber, Cindy Crawford - made famous by its mole - displays a perfect silhouette. Ultra sexy in this purple dress, Cindy is breathtaking. At the writing of GirlsFromMainStreet, we cracked on openwork sandals ... a must have!

Appraisal: nice vitamin alternative to the little black dress, the purple dress goes to conquer red carpets!

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