September 30, 2020

Mattel launches Grace Kelly collectible doll

Born in 1929 in Philadelphia, Grace Kelly did modeling before starting a film career where she will be the favorite performer of Alfred Hitchcok. In 1955, Grace Kelly won an Oscar and fell under the spell of Prince Rainier of Monaco. The wedding will be celebrated in April 1956.
This modern icon becomes Princess Grace of Monaco and gives birth to three children: Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. Unfortunately the beautiful fairy tale comes to an end when Grace Kelly is killed driving her car in a bend of the ledge linking Nice to Monaco in September 1982.

The princesses (the real ones or those brought to the screen by Disney in particular) and Barbie have always dreamed of girls but also their moms. It was therefore natural for Mattel to pay tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco, whose glamorous and romantic marriage remains in everyone's memory.

Dressed in a sumptuous ivory wedding dress, the doll Barbie Grace Kelly will delight collectors, fans of Princess Grace of Monaco and all lovers of fairy tales.
The dress worn by Barbie is the mythical dress that Grace Kelly wore the day of her wedding with Prince Rainier of Monaco in April 1956. The designer Robert Best looked at many photographs of the ceremony so that the holding of the doll Barbie conform to that of Princess Grace.
With fidelity, he has reproduced the sumptuous ivory silk skirt, the long veil and the splendid corsage corsage in delicate lace, the embroidered bodice of pearls, the pretty hairstyle and the fall of the train.

Perfection to the end

Long research has indeed been necessary so that the coral color of the lipstick worn by the doll is identical to that created by Estée Lauder for her friend, Princess Grace.
Finally the doll Barbie holds a bouquet of white flowers and a beautiful prayer book embroidered with pearls and lace similar to those held by the Princess on her wedding day.

Grace Kelly's dress has marked the history of the wedding dress

Princess Grace's dress, designed by designer Helen Rose, has been a dream for decades. See more! 55 years later, the day of her marriage to Prince William of England, Kate Middleton, wearing a dress visibly inspired by that of His Serene Highness Grace of Monaco.

This collectible doll, available in August 2011, should cost 150 euros.

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