January 31, 2023

Melon, a summer fruit at the top!

If there are about 3000 varieties of melons in the European catalog, we know three main types of melons: embroidered melon, with its thick relief skin, water melon with its yellow skin and melon cantaloupe, round, with bark smooth with darker furrows. In France, the cantaloupe melon is the most successful.

Choose a melon is an art. Heavy when it hides a sufficient sugar content, it must exhale a good smell, not too strong otherwise it would be a sign of too advanced maturity. Sometimes the Cavaillon melon cracks and its peduncle comes off: it is then ready to be served.

From a nutritional point of viewcantaloupe melon contains potassium and 88% water, making it an excellent diuretic. Its high fiber content gives it a laxative effect. Rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, it is excellent for skin and mucous membranes. The presence of vitamin C makes it a good anti-infective. It contains a reasonable amount of sugar, making it a recommended fruit in diets thinness.

Easy to prepare, the melon can be presented at the fresh table, cut in half and the seeds cleaned, with or without port. It goes wonderfully well with parma, crab or salmon ham. Entrance or raspberries in dessert as well as all the red fruits and citrus fruits. In fresh soup, you mix its pulp with ginger or pepper. In dessertit goes with mint, vanilla and anise.
Our advice:
To present a dessert original, dig a melon preserving its bark. Dice the pulp and mix it with sorbet (strawberry, raspberry, vanilla ...). Put everything back in the bark and keep it cool while waiting to serve.