April 17, 2024

Memory: Women have a better attention to detail than men

The women have the attention to detail. And yes, gentlemen, you'll have to do it: nothing escapes the male sex. An American researcher has proved that women had a better memory than their male counterparts. Worse: they retained better little details. A survey published in the journal Memory.

To carry out this study, Qi Wang, a professor at Cornell University in the United States, recruited sixty students from various backgrounds. She sent them SMS "surprises". Upon receiving these messages, they had to tell in writing what they had experienced in the last thirty minutes.

At the end of the week, the scientist summoned all the students for a small improvised test. She asked them what they had learned about the different events that had happened in the last seven days. They had to be as precise as possible.

A report was quickly imposed: women had a greater attention to detail than the men. They would therefore have a better memory capacity. "These results prove that men and the women perceive things differently, "said Qi Wang, adding that women were more sensitive to social relations than men.

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