December 1, 2021

Men tell us why they do not call back!

There are many reasons why males do not remember the poor young women we are. Some are valid, and others much less. Sometimes we understand. Sometimes no. It is certain that women would prefer by far that one is sincere with them. Already by correction, and then to avoid wasting time. Yes, because the one who does not remember will greatly complicate the life of the one who has not been recalled ...

Above all do not lose sight of that we come from Venus. They come from Mars. Two very different planets. So contrary languages. It complicates things, certainly, but that's what makes it beautiful.

In general, if a man does not remember after spending time with a woman, it's mainly because he does not want to. Quite simply. If he does not remember after a gallant appointment, besides the fact that it is not very courteous, it is mainly because he does not feel the desire go further. It is well known that men have a slight tendency to not want to engage.

This adage is as good in a relationship as in a relationship meet of a night. Having met you, having spent the evening with you and sharing your bed was for him (and for you) a real part of pleasure. BUT. But he does not want to continue, simply. Of course, if that is the reason why he does not remember you, he is not excused for being so wrong, that's for sure.

It is also possible (O rage, O despair) that you do not like him. Do not make a cheese. You will please others. Too bad for him. And then reassure yourself by saying that this man has no taste, it's obvious.
Sometimes (often?) The man you meet has only been desire sexual. Take the thing on the right side: you liked him that one! And it's also good to share a carnal moment with someone, without asking questions, without a future.

Still in this perspective, if Môôseur reminded you, it would be too great a mark of weakness (according to Mars, we hear well). He may even be afraid that you believe he is attached to you ... Ha! Men...
And finally, remember, it's a sign of maturity. But some men mature late. Others, never.

It is very important to put our susceptibility aside, and to be patient. If he does not bother to call back, he may make you the happiest woman in the world.
And then nothing prevents you from taking a revenge murderous and justified, telling him that recall a woman to clarify things just by politeness and respect, it is done. And TAC!

Why Men Don't Call You Back | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs (December 2021)