February 29, 2024

Michelle Williams breathtaking in Valentino

This event took place at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, for the occasion Michelle Williams chose to wear a dress pink that highlighted his perfect figure. Before the beginning of the conference, the one who plays Marilyn Monroe in her film, posed in front of the photographers for our greatest pleasure.
Her outfit: the beautiful blonde with short hair wears a dress scratched Valentino. The model is rather uncluttered, a dress tube length under the knee which is marked at the waist. This outfit enhances the frail silhouette of Michelle Williams. The latter embodies a kind of fragile beauty due to its diaphanous complexion. The pepsy pink color enhances your fresh complexion and gives a boost to the rather simple cut of the dress. The top of the dress is asymmetrical and we note on one of the sleeves a node that brings a touch of originality to the whole. The overall appearance is very chic and uncluttered, we recognize the spirit of Valentino!
To complete his chic look, Michelle Williams wears a pair of nude peep toe pumps. This model will be inescapable this summer, the actress definitely has a step ahead level look.

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