June 10, 2023

Micro nursery, how does it work?

What differentiates a micro-nursery from a traditional nursery?
This is a very recent procedure that was put in place by a decree in 2007. A micro-nursery manages 10 cradles, unlike a creche which manages 30 to 40. Reception is more individualized and, on the other hand, children are in mixed ages. This allows the baby to evolve by watching the grown-ups and the older ones take care of the little ones.

Is the waiting time longer than in a traditional nursery?
Not necessarily. We are on the proximity, the micro-nursery is a neighborhood structure. About us, the parents come to register directly with us, they do not go through the town hall. First they register on our website and we give them an answer in the week.

Are your schedules flexible?
We have wider schedules: from 8h30 to 19H, like that the parents can come and get their child after work.

What is the course of a typical day?
The parents arrive in the morning and deposit their child. Then there is what is called a "transmission", that is, the parents let professionals know about the night that thechild has passed for example, and forward any necessary recommendations for the rest of the day.

We offer guided activities for the older ones, we never childrenwe are not in learning but in discovery. Then there are free activities, lunch at 11:30, a nap for older children from 13h to 15h. For the babiesit's on demand with the bottle. And in the afternoon other activities outings, including the park when the weather is nice. The important point is that the micro-nursery is located between an individualized reception and the nanny. A lot of parents find themselves in this guard mode and are satisfied.

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