April 17, 2024

Mid-season look: in leggings and a light blouse

I believe very strongly in the return of the leggings and I urge you to do the same. But beware, in 2011, we wear it in beautiful knits, angora, cashmere and wool, and in neutral and elegant colors, pearl gray, beige, navy blue, ....
So we forget the villains leggings black and white jerseys that have been worn excessively under the dresses.
The novelty : we wear the leggings loose, that is to say "wide" (do not hesitate to take a size above) for a more casual sport chic version, halfway between the trousers jogging and pantyhose, the leggings is a trousers.
Our prescription:
Wear it leggings like a trousers, so that we marry with a blouse - a little long preferably, for the less daring ... We put on chic boots and a matching bag (yes to fitting bag + shoes). All that remains is a good big mesh vests (and yes, these are not the hot summer!). You are ready for your first day.
Our shopping:
Blouse Topshop, 45? sure topshop.com
Sleeveless wool vest and leggings mesh, American Vintage, respectively 155? and 75?
Asos owl long necklace, 8? on asos.com
Leather bag and boots Athé-Vanessa Bruno, respectively 290? and 285? onposestendances.com


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