August 14, 2022

Mihabodytec, the new generation sport!

The concept
This is a session of sport supervised by a coach, where one practices in a combination with a vest equipped with electrodes connected to a machine. The electrodes, placed on the garment and not on the skin, deliver a current that forces the muscles to contract. The interest here, compared to the passive electrostimulation belts to use on the couch, is that the stimulation comes when the muscle is already mobilized by the movement you make with the coach, which allows to increase tenfold recruitment Muscle fibers then deeply solicited!

The promise
The electrodes are placed everywhere on the body, the current works on several muscles simultaneously which optimizes the ratio effort / time! Each muscle group is also stimulated to an intensity chosen according to the desired work and the sensitivity of each one. The machine uses only non-dangerous and painless low-intensity currents, interrupted by pulse burst: the intensity increases, stabilizes in parallel with the exercise and then returns to 0.

This training is suitable for athletes who want to increase their power and muscle mass but also for women wanting to sculpt their figure: the expenditure on muscle energy is very high and above all, the Mihabodytec activates the connective tissue in depth: it acts on the fat mass in promoting metabolic activity.

In practice
We put on a t-shirt and a shorty that the coach moistens to be conductive, then it connects the electrodes to the vest. It defines with the student the intensity of the currents for each group of muscles and the objective. The session lasts about 20 minutes, where classical gym movements are played, in rhythm with the waves of currents. It ends with a recovery-relaxation phase. Personal settings are stored on a smart card so you do not have to re-adjust every time, and to keep up with the intensity of the training.

The test
The session lasts 20 minutes but it takes well an hour on the spot time to get dressed and then change. The wet effect of the clothes is quite strange and we feel harnessed as a cosmonaut with the vest, quite impressive. But we understand all the interest of the thing during the session! Initially, it is difficult to anticipate and make the movement of the exercise just upstream of the wave of current: one is surprised by the rise of the discharge. But when we take the pace, we realize that it works really hard! No shortness of breath, but you really feel the efforts of the muscles.
At the exit, we feel completely re-adjusted with the impression of having worked a good hour and not 20 minutes! The body seems tense, tonic, and, what surprised me the most, we have deflated! In fact the muscles contracted deeply and are like "gathered" giving a curved effect. We leave with a lot of energy!

Our opinion :
Convincing. The equipment is forbidding and it may be repulsive to practice in wet clothes, but the effect is at the rendezvous. A beautiful innovation, particularly adapted to the requirements of a busy urban clientele!

In fitness centers, some spa and beauty centers and at the physio.
Count 45? the session, 35? by 10 and in monthly packages to 100? for 1 session / week.
Information: 01 60 62 23 41


Mihabodytec Electrostimulation Nouvelle Génération (August 2022)