July 12, 2024

Miley Cyrus in total grunge look

The Hannah Montana star grew up in a family of musicians, having become a singer herself, we understand better her rock inspirational looks. 20 years old, Miley Cyrus already has a well-defined style. If she sometimes makes some odd fashion on the red carpet (here's an example: Miley Cyrus, a new look that is debated), we can say that in everyday life, the young woman is sure of her look. The rock and grunge trends seduce the actress very clearly. The look of Miley Cyrus oscillates between mini shorts destroy, shirt Check XXL, leather boots and top cropped, an explosive cocktail that is unanimous in the fashionsphere.
Casual and smiling, she polishes her look with a falsely neglected bun on the top of her head. We can not help but notice the extreme thinness that emanates the young woman. His mini shorts and his cropped top reveal all parts of his body. Her shirt calm the game against the other two pieces of her look, she adds the keys grunge, colorful and loose necessary. The whole is very harmonious!

Yes, I feel the pain ( ! ) (July 2024)