November 28, 2022

Mincing at any age: 50 years, we protect ourselves

Fifties are often difficult to live on. "One of the causes of the taking of weight is the state or quantity of our muscles. If you do not pay attention, the muscle fibers disappear and are replaced by greasy fibers"says Evelyne Chartier, nutritionist. * And at the beginning of children and occupational stress is also added, for women, dreaded perimenopause, which induces changes in morphology and a change in the distribution of fat tissue and silhouette: water retention, loss of elasticity, lymphatic system slowed, etc. "And small repeated food mistakes that would give a kilo taken a year can quickly lead to 10 in 10 years if you're not careful, but rest assured, it's still possible to lose weight at age 50, that's just a little slower. "

* Author of the book "Mincir 50" at Éditions Artémis. 93 pages. 9.90?
The pitfalls of fifty to avoid
1. Forget the sport
Physical activity must be maintained to preserve muscle mass. At rest, the body burns fewer calories, so it is necessary to compensate by increasing energy expenditure with endurance activities: hiking, brisk walking, cycling. 30 minutes a day is enough to avoid storing fat. Combine endurance with gym maintenance and stretching to stretch the muscles. And, whatever your physical state, it is more than essential to continue to take the air.

2. Eat anything
If you must accept your new body and some unavoidable pounds, adopt a diet that will curb the process. At age 50, it is necessary to eat less. "The important thing is not necessarily what you eat at a festive meal, but all of what you've eaten in the weekEvelyne Chartier adds: The daily diet must be low in saturated fats (cakes, prepared meals), rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, diversified proteins and Omega 3. To avoid uncontrolled snacking, taste but, for that's why you should opt for lean fruits and dairy products, possibly whole grain bread or cereals, and finally, that the number of recommended calories should not exceed 1800 if you are sedentary, 2000 if you are active.

An adapted solution: auriculotherapy
In the same way that the body is found in the foot with reflexology, it is reflected in the ear with auriculotherapy developed in the 1950s by Dr. Nogier. He applies the methods of acupuncture by limiting himself to the ear which, according to him, would present particular points representing the different organs of the body and the functional areas of the brain. "It is a personalized technique that treats hormonal problems, stress or compulsions. It is therefore very interesting for people in their fifties who want to lose weight", says Isabelle Meurgey, auriculotherapist in Paris Auriculotherapy is very useful in addition to a coaching thinness adapted, micronutrition type or diet Cretan. "The selected points are detected by an electrical device, the Pointoselect. Then, one stimulates some of these points, 4 to 6 maximum, with a small current which raises the energy or decreases it, the hunger point or that of the sweet compulsion for example, but also the kidneys or the stomach in case of water retention or bloating. We can even go so far as to change the tastes of the person!"Count, as the case may be, from 1 to 3 sessions of half an hour to one month apart.Cost of a session: between 70 and 100?

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