October 22, 2021

Miss France 2011: still no bikini!

By slamming the door of miss France, Geneviève de Fontenay argued not to adhere to the new philosophy of miss France. After the scandals Valérie Bègue and Kelly Bochenko, the lady with the hat - right in her boots - preferred to leave, her values ​​as a scarf ...
But the day after the ceremony orchestrated by Endémol on TF1, that we reassure ourselves, no parade in thong nor panties ... the ceremony that brought together nearly 8 million viewers on TF1 Saturday night was anchored in the purest tradition miss France.
Highly anticipated, the parade in swimsuit, was the object of all the attentions and all the disappointments ... No mini jersey but a swimsuit fuchsia pink, very wise ... What perhaps disappoint Alain Delon, president of the jury, very close to the Miss during the evening!
Anyway miss France Laury Thilleman was absolutely ravishing about natural ...


Miss France 2011 Contestants Bikini Modeling in White Sandy Beach of Maldives (October 2021)