November 28, 2022

Miss France 2012 - Laure Wojnecki, Miss Center: her beauty questionnaire

White complexion like porcelain, very light blond hair, the pretty Laure Wojnecki proposes to take the continuation of Laury Thilleman for the year 2012. This sportswoman (she practices the jogging, the swimming and the musculation) launches in the race for the crown with freshness.


The day you started dreaming of being a beauty queen ...

There is no day in particular, I always watched the show miss France and I did not think I could participate one day. And today, I am very happy to be present.


A woman who inspires you, a relative, a model?

My paternal grandmother. She was a seamstress and she was a beautiful woman. Despite the passing years, she has kept her beauty and class.


A Miss you would like to match the class, behavior, pace ...?

Sonia Rolland.


Your beauty look (make-up, hairstyle) to seduce those around you?

I always have on me a small sample of perfume and a lip balm.


Miss Centre 2011 : Laure Wojnecki couronnée (November 2022)