April 10, 2021

Miss France 2012: look at the sexy dress of Lorie!

At 30, Lorie presents a new face and a new look for the release of his new album. Alongside his friend Alain Delon, Lorie was part of the jury of miss France 2012 which saw the coronation of Miss Alsace, Delphine Wespiser.

But if the 33 Miss were obviously admired, the Evening dress very indented Lorie caused a sensation in the conference hall of Brest but also on the social network Twitter which largely commented on this choice of clothing. Lovely, hair up in a ponytail, Lorie has certainly not sung but marked by its glamorous presence an evening under the sign of beauty, and femininity. It is Alain Delon who qualified himself as a lover of women who must have been happy!

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