December 3, 2020

Miss France 2014, Miss Auvergne: "My essentials? My mascara and my lipstick"

GirlsFromMainStreet. What are the essential products for your vanity?
My mascara and my lipstick.

What is your favorite beauty product?
The mascara MAC 2 brushes.

Your secret for a beautiful hair?
Make nourishing care regularly.

What is your biggest hair craze?
A square runs a few years ago.

What outfits do you dream of wearing?
MAJE's outfits.


What do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?
Nathalie Portman.

What part of your body do you prefer to show off?
My legs.


A small complex?
My nose.

You have to spend an evening alone with a male celebrity. Who do you choose?
Marc Lévy because I loved his book "Tomorrow" and I would like to know where he finds so much
imagination and if his stories are related to something he has lived.

Your advice to keep the line?
Practice sport regularly.

What is your favorite regional dish?
The potato pie.

A local product suggestion to bring back from your home region?
I bring back some local cheese (Le Salers, Le Gaperon in particular).

CIMG2225.MOV (December 2020)