February 28, 2021

Miss France 2014, Miss Burgundy: "I have never made a hair color"

What are the essential products for your vanity?
A moisturizer, a mascara, a lipstick matte but discreet.
What is your favorite beauty product?
I do not have any...
Your secret for a beautiful hair?
Brewer's yeast as well as an application of avocado or egg yolk, once a week.
I have always been very sober ... no locks or colors.
What outfit would you dream to wear?
The wedding dresses of Grace Kelly and Kate Middelton and I would make a mix!
What do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?
Audrey Hepburn.
What part of your body do you prefer to show off?
My legs.
A small complex?
My nose.
You have to spend an evening alone with a male celebrity. Who do you choose?
I would choose Simon Baker because beyond the charm it gives off, if the man is as intelligently complex and unexpected as the character he embodies in Mentalist ... The head to head is very interesting and surprising !!
A tip to keep the line?
Eat balanced, not to mention to have fun! And of course: at least three sports sessions a week.
What is your favorite regional dish? A local product suggestion to bring back from your home region?
My favorite regional dish: snails! A delight !!

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