August 14, 2022

Miss France 2014, Miss Nord Pas de Calais: "My greatest hair madness? A diving square" What are the essential products for your vanity?
A compact powder, a blush and a mascara.
What is your favorite beauty product?
A good moisturizer.
Your secret for a beautiful hair?
Make nourishing masks regularly and use the heating devices as often as possible.
What is your biggest hair craze?
A diving square.
What dress would you dream to wear?
A black dress, a tailor's jacket and a pair of pumps.
What do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?
Kate Middleton who is always classy and classy.
What part of your body do you prefer to show off?
My legs.
A small complex?
My feet.
You have to spend an evening alone with a male celebrity. Who do you choose?
Matthew Gray Gubler aka Spencer in Criminal Minds.
Your advice to keep the line?
Practice regular physical activity.
What is your favorite regional dish?
Flemish carbonnade: beef, onions, gingerbread and fries.
A local product suggestion to bring back from your home region?
The maroilles.

Makossa (August 2022)